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MineCon 2013

So after sharing photos from Tampa Bay ComicCon the other day, I figured I share another geek-achievements.  Back in 2013, a friend of mine and I decided to pick up tickets for MineCon.  Until...


Tampa Bay ComicCon

Last weekend I got to go to Tampa Bay ComicCon with a few friends. The line was short on Sunday and I think the rain kept people away until later in the afternoon —...


Legoland Billund

We got an opportunity to visit Legoland Billund in Denmark — the original Legoland park — this past summer.  The park is very old school.  I have LEGO magazines from the late 80’s with...


Disneyland Paris

This past May, my wife and I added a new Disney theme park to our list of places we’ve visited. Pictures from our trip to Disneyland Paris.  You can see the full album over...


Bodacious Space Pirates

I’ve been watching a lot of Anime this past year; partly it was due to a renewed interest from a co-worker.  And partly because I needed something new to watch.  Right now I’m watching...


Splunk .conf2014

Earlier this year, I went to the Splunk .conf2014 in Las Vegas.  To be honest, it’s my first professional conference in Vegas that I’ve been to, so it was a lot to take in all...


In honor of Shark Week

In honor of Shark week, I changed my FB profile page to a shark I caught a few years ago off the coast of North Carolina. 🙂


Galactic Encounter Days

At the Orange County Regional History Center, here in Orlando, the staff has been hosting a Galactic Encounters day, celebrating all things Star Wars.  This year, our Lego club (OrangeLUG) asked to participate, with...