Pokémon GO

Pokemon-GO-Tech2-720-624x351A few days ago, I wanted to post my status on Facebook as “So my evening conversation with my wife has become, ‘which Pokémon have you caught today?’.”  Which is funny because it’s been so true…

I didn’t grow up on Pokémon.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t start watching it until after college — I caught it on Cartoon Network as I was getting ready for work in the mornings… Don’t know which season, or where in the story line I started… And I barely remember the episodes I caught.  I just remember that the show wasn’t bad, and I could see the appeal.

I’ve also never collected any of the cards.  And I’ve never played any of the Pokémon video games, although I’m playing Pokémon GO… I’ve even got my wife playing it.

The game itself is pretty interesting.  And having downloaded a few of the first episodes of Pokémon, it stays true to the story line.  I did read an article saying that the game lacks the heart of the show — pfft, whatever.  It’s about beating your opponent and building your Pokémon army, friendships are secondary, dude!

So if I had to look ahead 5 years, I’d think Niantic would create a convention, and at the convention, hold live gaming tournaments.  Only people at the conventions could catch super-rare Pokémon and collect convention medals.  And then, and only then… after about 5 of these happening, will this fad die out.  Until then, Pikachu, I choose you!