Bodacious Space Pirates

Bodacious Space PiratesI’ve been watching a lot of Anime this past year; partly it was due to a renewed interest from a co-worker.  And partly because I needed something new to watch.  Right now I’m watching Bodacious Space Pirates

A side note, first.  I try to stay away from “trendy” anime shows.  Or ones that tend to be over-hyped.  I avoid the whole “mecha” genre as a rule of thumb.  I don’t classify myself as an otaku.  And if I’ve seen more cos-play characters from one particular anime at a comic convention, I tend to avoid it as being over-hyped… Although, I do like/seen Trigun and I’ve known about it for over 10 years now; so it’s one of my few exceptions.

What I like about BSP so far is the Firefly-like narrative.  I won’t bore you with a review just yet, since I’m only about 10 episodes in, but so far I like it.  I like the artwork and spaceship designs, although the story drags a bit.  More to come later…