The Green

Once upon a time, I created a web-site called The Green dedicated to DC’s anti-superhero Swamp Thing. I had a few collaborator that sent me content. It talked about the comics, the animated series, the TV show, the movies, and the toys. I wanted to build a comic book database with pictures, summaries, synapses and reviews, but I was learning PHP at the time and was trying to figure out the best way to build it, while failing to add data to the DB. I still have all the image files somewhere and some old static pages…

With the advent of streaming services and the success of Marvel’s complex stories via the MCU, DC is trying to tap into the zeitgeist by producing Titans, Doom Patrol and now Swamp Thing. After there’s been a few episodes released, I’ll start watching it; in the mean time I’m avoiding reviews. I have mixed feelings about it… could be all horror, without Alan Moore’s poetic words in the background to help frame up each episode. Or could follow in the foot steps of it’s former series… which didn’t really appeal to me — felt more like a B-rated horror flick. And to be honest, I don’t think any of it will capture Alan Moore’s run on Swamp Thing… Or I could be wrong and smarter people than me are doing just that.

Anyway, more later…

UPDATE: Well, maybe not… Looks like the series might have been cancelled.