Dr. Stone

There are a few genres of anime that I typically avoid — sports themed, music themed, something that resembles Power Rangers, generally anything that doesn’t score a 6 or higher on MyAnimeList. One that I started this past year is Dr. Stone because it rated high and it had an interesting premise — all human life on earth becomes petrified, then after thousands of years, one of the most smarts teenagers in the world comes back to life, with a mission to move humanity from the stone age, back to the space age.

The art style is nice; a little goofy at times. The science is sound… but that seems to be the point. Aimed at teaching kids science, and how we moved from point A to point B. There’s no ecchi (although an innocent high school crush among class-mates). Some savagery — there’s a camp of science vs. a camp of might/brawn — building up a war that I’m wondering if it resolve itself peacefully or not. But otherwise, it’s been entertaining and educational… and not my typical anime-fare. I’d definitely recommend watching it.

… There is another anime I’ll talk about later that I’m also watching this fall, that is entertaining as well, but it’s like watching a funny orchestrated train wreck.