Comic Book Idea: Lithium & The Losers

An idea I had for a comic book some time ago…

Endless Parody:
Probably one of the better ideas that I’ve had in a long time is to create anti-characters to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman… a farce on his seven Endless characters. These character wouldn’t take themselves as seriously as the ones created by Gaiman… sorta tongue-in-cheek… sorta their bungling counter parts.

The EndlessThe Losers

First Episode:
In the first episode, Lithium wakes up after following the Grateful Dead around for the past 20 years or so… he lost count because of the drug induced haze he’s been in since 1972. He’s looking to fill the empty void that Gerry has left in his life… his world is slowly crumbling, the new bands just don’t do it for him anymore. He first consults Lost of the Losers, to see there’s anything he can do about his dilemma — bottom line, he needs a new drug. Lost seems lost in her own problems… she has no direction herself, and Lithium realizes that Lost should have been the last person to ask for directions. In frustration, Lithium gets up, goes into the Lost’s room of symbols, picks up Lucky’s fuzzy dice in his hand, and repeats the following limerick:

“There once was a man named Luck,
who was good at winning a buck,
the women liked him,
but he’s not serious about them,
he only likes them for a good fu..”
He is transported instantly to Lucky’s domain before he can finish his sentence.

The Symbols:
One word should be said about the Loser’s symbols. Like the Endless, each of the Losers have their own sigil or symbol. Lucky’s is the pair of fuzzy dice. Life’s is two copper coins. Lithium’s is a rolled joint. Lost’s is a sign post pointing in many directions. Loony’s is the Warner Brother’s shield/logo. Lust is like a peep show window — you need to insert a quarter to get it to open up. And Larry’s is a book — the title changes every time. In Lost’s symbol room, it might have been Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or something similar…

Back to Our Story:
“God I hate that”, says Lithium as he picks himself up off the floor and goes over to the casino bar to get himself a free drink to settle his nerves. This is Lucky’s domain. He is a smaller deity of Native-Americans, of mobsters, and some rural regions of China. The one Loser who married all three of the Fates…