An Asgard Romance!

Sci-fi Plot:

10 Word Sci-fi Plot: Boy-meets-girl in mining camp on Callisto. An Asgard romance!

I started uploading some of the old plots I came up with, that I posted on other blog sites to here. One of the exercises was to do a 10 word plot, then expound upon it. It’s a bit of a writing exercise and a mental one. To challenge oneself… but it’s not to be taken too seriously… throw away plots, to get the creative juices flowing.

I started to envision this as a Japanese mining company on some moon, where a boy meets a girl… and some of the cliché foibles seen in most common anime between boys/girls, are still experienced hundreds of years in the future… Europa has been done in Sci-Fi… Landed on Callisto… via wikipedia learned that it was voted as a good place to start colonization and about of it’s few surface features, like the Asgard, a impact multi-ring basin, the 2nd largest on that moon.

He could be the minor, she could be a recent scientist sent to the station. They might have grown up in neighboring rural towns in Japan, that they discover in a company mixer. Maybe she’s a robotics expert, sent to help out with a problem… they further cross paths dealing with robotic anomalies. Maybe one goes missing, and his big heart gets in the way and he risks his life to recover it, and she chases after him. Maybe they get trapped in a collapsed mine shaft, where they bond… fighting for survival, they come to respect each other’s experience/education, eliminating one of the barriers between them.

Something life-affirming, heart warming on a icy rock.