Almost Caught Up

So I’m almost caught up in One Piece; there’s about 20ish episodes to go… I forget when I started the series, but I think it was during the pandemic… And I still need to watch the movies and side-stories… But for the most part, I’m almost caught up.

I honestly thought the story would be a lot further along by now… The Dressrosa story arch seemed to drag out forever! If it took that many episodes to defeat a warlord of the sea, for Luffy to defeat a Emperor (I would think) would take 2-3x longer story arch… let alone current developments… Not to mention, he hasn’t face off with Blackbeard yet… Anyway, I’ve enjoyed the story so far, but there were points where it seemed like it dragged on forever. And now that I can’t binge watch it, I’m a little concerned it will drag out more.

As I sit here thinking about travel plans in the next two years and as I sort pirate LEGOs that I’ve unearthed, the thought struck me that I should do a One Piece (traveling) MOC… Something from Skypiea, maybe? So I went online and found this MOC of the Thousand Sunny by Alex Jones… I think I’d like to do the Going Merry… Looks like someone beat me to it… But I’d have to do a version of the Going Merry, because it’s the ship they took to Skypiea…