Legoland Billund

We got an opportunity to visit Legoland Billund in Denmark — the original Legoland park — this past summer.  The park is very old school.  I have LEGO magazines from the late 80’s with pictures highlighting new rides at Legoland Billund… Honestly, not much had changed.

19490946160_bff64cdcd4_zNeedless to say, to a fan of LEGO, this was really fun to experience.  My only complaint would have been the cold weather — it still felt like early spring with temps in the low 50’s.  And my only regret is not getting in contact with local AFOLs for a meet up.

The prices were expensive, because of the exchange rate, so we only picked up a few LEGO items.

The room was amazing!  It overlooked the theme park.  Compared to our room in Copenhagen, it was spacious.  The floors in the bathroom were heated (which I totally get), the towel rack was heated.  The beds were very Scandinavian both in design and comfort.  We really enjoyed watching Big Bang Theory in English, with Danish subtitles.  The internet was free in the hotel.  And the food (although expensive) was enjoyable — we ended up discovering a new cheese that we like from breakfast.  And I wish we could get the whole grain breads here in the US, that we did at breakfast in the hotel.