MineCon 2013

So after sharing photos from Tampa Bay ComicCon the other day, I figured I share another geek-achievements.  Back in 2013, a friend of mine and I decided to pick up tickets for MineCon.  Until then, we had been playing on a server he set up — occasionally play as a team with friends, or just alone when we had time… Survival of course.  I mainly focused on building, while he focused on exploring.

Anyway, I got talked into volunteering for MineCon, where basically I wore a shirt and did line/crowd control for a vendor booth.  Not grueling work, but it did teach me how unorganized the convention was.  Now keep in mind, I’ve volunteer/helped organize a few LEGO conventions in the past; although not nearly the attendance nor size of MineCon.  In the end, volunteering was more of an excuse to meet the people of Mojang up close and personal.  Some guys from the Mojang team were friendly enough & thanked everyone for their hard work, but they weren’t as popular as Notch or Jeb.

I even got to see Notch as he made his way through the crowd of volunteers.  He briefly stopped to talk to a few families, then was whisked away quickly.

So this plugin I’m using only displays 20 pictures in its free state.  If you want to see the rest of my Flickr album of pictures, it’s here: 2013.11 – MineCon