Ore Monogatari!!

For a few weeks, I had been reading articles from an Anime blog about an anime called, “Ore Monogatari!!”  My first impression was, ok, I get it… a misunderstood giant high-schooler falls in love with a cute petite girl and their awkward, inexperience relationship.  Figured I’d watch the first episode to see what the blog was raving about and write it off as silly and unwatchable.  To my surprise, I’ve actually enjoy the show…Ore Monogatari!!

After watching enough animes, the whole awkward, shy teenager and the easily misreading of the situation thing is very cliche.  Once you get past that, there’s a very tender hearted story there, within the relationships of the characters.  The relationship between the two main characters, Takeo and Yamato, is very syrupy, but there’s a innocent sweetness to it, like all young love.  Between Takeo’s giant ogre-like, larger-than-life, socially awkward qualities and his handsome, stoic-like, super-popular friend Sunakawa, there’s a genuine friendship.

This anime is my guilty pleasure.  I like the slice-of-life elements to it.  And I like the small glimpses into the back-stories — I like stories with multiple layers.