I’ve been playing Minecraft for a few years now, mostly in survival mode.  Because I’m a fan of LEGO, most of the time, I collect resources so I can build stuff… safe houses, castles, etc.  And the virtual creations do help with physical creations in LEGO, although I’m more limited in the physical.

2011-08-18_00.08.47A while back, I started a blog where I posted screen shots from the game and some of the creations, called The King’s Road.  The idea was, I’d adventure around, building garrisons or forts and connect them all back to a central castle by a road; written from the perspective of the adventurer doing the work.  And I’d post some of the wonderful terrains that the game generates, or the things I build along the way… Nothing too elaborate or flashy, since with almost every major upgrade, I tend to start all over again with a new world; I seem to never find the time to do something as elaborate as build a full scale Enterprise ship or Kings’ Landing.  I respect the people who can have the time and ability to coordinate such builds.