The End of 2022

We’re coming up on the end of 2022… It was better than 2020, but still not back to normal… If I look back through my pictures last year, the things that stand out:

  • my niece graduated collage
  • the wife and I went to a few drag show despite the political climate in FL
  • went to Las Vegas for a conference, then spent a few days afterwards on a mini vacation with the wife
  • survived a hurricane, but had to cancel travel plans to a LEGO event in Seattle
  • attended a good friend’s wedding
  • went on a cruise on the new Disney ship
  • tried a few new places to eat (conveyer belt sushi…)
  • and a lot of pictures of our two furry dogs…

Work is work… we started going into the office a few days out of the week. But I’m still a lot on Zoom calls — I don’t see that changing when half of our team is in a different time zone.

And I’ve spent a lot of time sorting out my LEGO collection…