Japan Bound?

We are coming up on the end of May. I haven’t had much to write, between the changes at work, planning off/on for our trip to Japan & dealing with things as they crop up… First it was issues with boarding our dogs at our vet… then moving dad into a VA nursing home… being backed into when trying to pull out of a parking spot after putting in a money exchange order (no one was hurt or much damage to the car, but annoying)… then dealing with a new boarding place wanting a “certificate of completion” from a trainer… It’s literally been one thing after another either making my wife want to postpone the trip and me stressed out.

This seems to happen whenever I plan a vacation… I was making plans to do a European LEGO event months before Covid-19 spread across the world. I had booked hotel & flights… planned out our activities… Was researching somethings (local towns to explore) that I thought my wife would enjoy doing that wasn’t 100% LEGO related… But all in all, I think I’m just having flashbacks to 2020, where it was bad news on top of bad news…But to keep things in perspective, what happened with Covid was way worse/sad/world-changing/heart-wrenching than a few personal set-backs and a selfish desire to travel.

Our track-record hasn’t been good… We had to change up what we had planned to do for our honeymoon, and even after postponing it, we traveled a few days after 9/11 for it…

The silver lining for this trip; we’ve had friends that spent 2 week in Japan before we fly out… Sending us tips and warnings — the touristy spots are very crowded, buses and trains are packed like sardines.. plan to do a lot of walking… pack light, hauling suitcases are a pain — as well a sharing fun things try/do — bullet trains are cool… spend time on “kitchen street”… had the best sushi of my life… Makes me more upset/sad/jealous if we have to postpone.

Anyway, back to the 2,000 things we need to take care of before the trip… And if you can’t figure it out from the pictures, the HOA sent us an email saying we needed to power wash our drive way… Because wasting water is fun and helps with stress!