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I’ve been playing Minecraft for a few years now, mostly in survival mode.  Because I’m a fan of LEGO, most of the time, I collect resources so I can build stuff… safe houses, castles,...

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Ore Monogatari!!

For a few weeks, I had been reading articles from an Anime blog about an anime called, “Ore Monogatari!!”  My first impression was, ok, I get it… a misunderstood giant high-schooler falls in love...

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MineCon 2013

So after sharing photos from Tampa Bay ComicCon the other day, I figured I share another geek-achievements.  Back in 2013, a friend of mine and I decided to pick up tickets for MineCon.  Until...

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Tampa Bay ComicCon

Last weekend I got to go to Tampa Bay ComicCon with a few friends. The line was short on Sunday and I think the rain kept people away until later in the afternoon —...

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Legoland Billund

We got an opportunity to visit Legoland Billund in Denmark — the original Legoland park — this past summer.  The park is very old school.  I have LEGO magazines from the late 80’s with...

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Disneyland Paris

This past May, my wife and I added a new Disney theme park to our list of places we’ve visited. Pictures from our trip to Disneyland Paris.  You can see the full album over...

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Bodacious Space Pirates

I’ve been watching a lot of Anime this past year; partly it was due to a renewed interest from a co-worker.  And partly because I needed something new to watch.  Right now I’m watching...

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Splunk .conf2014

Earlier this year, I went to the Splunk .conf2014 in Las Vegas.  To be honest, it’s my first professional conference in Vegas that I’ve been to, so it was a lot to take in all...

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In honor of Shark Week

In honor of Shark week, I changed my FB profile page to a shark I caught a few years ago off the coast of North Carolina.